Indigenous Peoples Days- Mission

To boost Indigenous retention rates and overall post-secondary experience through Indigenous Student Life, an online community designed to provide academic resources, indigenous movie, school monies, and mentorship to Indigenous students from coast-to-coast.


An online community that unites Indigenous students across Canada, creating a pool of easily accessible resources An online community that builds communication networks between Indigenous students, facilitating the exchange of personal experiences and advice An online community that unites corporate sponsors with Indigenous students, improving the flow of resources between education advocates and their target audience


To develop a detailed description of (and links to) active research databases and assignment guidelines available for free on the World Wide Web To post recipes created and used by Indigenous students that showcase healthy eating on a student budget To finance a scholarship that celebrates a passion for learning (not one’s GPA) through on-site advertising and sponsorships To showcase the success of Indigenous students and graduates by posting their stories To inspire Indigenous students working through their degree by providing a collection of success stories To share learning experiences through an online blog (written by enrolled undergraduate and graduate students) to remind Indigenous students that “We’re in it together!”


To use initial sponsorships ($1,150) to develop a working website To reach out to Canadian organizations with an interest in capacity building to sponsor the Walk Scholarship (available through Indigenous Student Life) To offer advertising and publicity opportunities for funders on the homepage and blog pages To post scholarship details on federal and provincial websites to raise awareness of new funding packages for Indigenous students To contact Canadian universities’ Awards Office(s) to promote Indigenous Student Life at the institutional level To work through student publications and Indigenous-owned newspapers to raise awareness of Indigenous Student Life To recruit Indigenous mentors and blog writers through friend, family, and university networks To develop the recipe section through posts submitted by Canadian nutritionists and students themselves

Future Plans

To become the go-to resource website for Canadian Indigenous students To provide work experience to Indigenous students by training job candidates in an administrative capacity by September 2011 To become a self-sufficient online community by developing the necessary web design and accounting skills essential to the internal operation of Indigenous Student Life by 2015 To fundraise sufficient income per annum to provide a $1,000 scholarship to an Indigenous student for the next 5 years

We are in the process of applying for charitable registration and are unable to issue charitable tax receipts at this time.

We are, however, recognizing corporate donors online and are able to provide advertising space in exchange for funding.